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New Song Worship Services
10 am Sundays
Please join us at the Christiansen Residence. Come as you are. There are no perfect people here. We look forward to meeting our visitors and wish to  make you feel welcomed. We want to bless you and be your friends!
  • Contemporary Worship
  • Children's Message & Activities
  • Free Coffee and Snack Fellowship after service
We will not ask you for money. We do not even pass a basket or plate.
New Covenant Groups
Home Fellowship Groups Weeknights
Please give a call. You are welcome to attend our weeknight fellowship groups. We spend time in prayer, laughter, friendship and encourage each other with life!


Come as you are.  We don't expect you to be perfect, and we certainly are not.
So come as you are, no matter where you are in your spiritual journey.
Learn at your own pace.  Ask questions.  Seek.

What's New

• Sunday am New Song-
10 am Christiansen Residence
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Youth Activities

Today’s Devotion

A new church for a new people

We are a people
who have experienced God's grace,
and continue to seek to experience grace
- grace from God, grace from each other,
and grace from ourselves.

We seek to lead spiritually authentic lives
with God, with each other,
and with ourselves.

We know that we still mess up
from time to time,
but we also know
that God has not written us off -
but rather is changing us
from the inside out,
back into His likeness and image.

So come as you are,
and we will seek God together.

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