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New Wineskin Christian Fellowship



Living Out The Love Of Jesus

Core Values....Three "W's"
Worship, With one another, Witnessing.

In the essentials, we are in agreement with all Christian groups.

In the non-essentials, we seek the right mixture of truth and charity.

Yet being a Christian is much more than words.  It is how we live our life -

what we do with our time, how we spend our money, who we treat as our friends,

where we go and are going in life, why we do what we do, and so forth.

That is what shows what we really believe.

Thus to follow Jesus Christ, *we need God to break into our lives,

that we might sing a
New Song of worship to the One Who created us 

and freed us from slavery; *we need others who will walk with us

in Jesus'
New Covenant, an authentic spiritual journey; *and we need the challenges

this world brings to our faith so that we can be witnesses to the
New Way of what God

has done, is doing, and will do in our lives.


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